A quick, easy tutorial for creating CSS illustrations based on glassmorphism

Glassmorphism seems to be the new trend of the coming year, and it has become very popular among designers and developers. The main characteristics of this new trend are:

  • Transparency (frosted-glass effect using background blur)
  • Vivid background colors
  • A thin, light border (like the edges of a glass)
  • A light…

A quick tutorial to show how gradients can be used to create stripes

Stripes look cool in the background and are very easy to create using repeating gradients. CSS has the properties repeating-linear-gradient and repeating-radial-gradient which we can use to create stripes. These two properties are widely supported in all browsers - Firefox 10+, Chrome 26+, Safari 6.1+, IE 10, 11 and Opera…

Learn to code your own text editor with Python under 5 minutes

In this post, I will show you a very easy way to create a simple text editor with Python. This tutorial is meant for absolute beginners. If you know the fundamentals of Python and a little bit of file handling, you can make one yourself. …

Shounak Das

I am a passionate programmer and tech-geek. I love to code, and teach coding to beginners.

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